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Cisco Spark Plus

Now, you can buy Cisco Spark Plus online, and start messaging and working together right away. Video call with up to 3 people. And Cisco Spark Plus comes with full administrative controls and space moderation.

All your work. Everyone you need. From wherever you want to be.

Cisco Spark gives you unlimited spaces in the cloud for all of your teams and projects. All your files and conversations in one place, accessible securely from all of your devices.

Reach out and get things done.

Projects keep moving and decisions get made faster with Cisco Spark. People jump in and contribute when they can. Need to talk to everyone right now? Fire up an audio or video call. Share what’s on your screen any time.

Unlimited team messaging
Any-time screen sharing
Up to 5 GB file sharing
Unlimited in-app video calls
3 people per call
3 people per call
Unlimited in-app audio calls (VoIP)
Search messages, files, and users
Integrate apps like ZenDesk,
GitHub, and Zapier
Up to 10
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Locking messaging spaces
    Admin controls
  • Single Sign-On
  • Administrative portal
  • Org analytics and metrics
    Integrate with Exchange, Outlook, and your corporate directory
    Live support
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    Want more Cisco Spark?

    Add Cisco business phone systems or video conferencing spaces to your Cisco Spark service.


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    Cisco Spark products and services are intended for sale to businesses and are not intended for individual use.
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